100% of all donations will be used in helping other aspiring authors to achieve their dreams, unless you as the donor say otherwise. 

As a full-time author, I recognize how hard it has been to reach this point, and it's only getting harder as the market gets more saturated and it gets easier to publish. There is a lot that goes into a novel or story, but often, I have found that it is more about the individual behind the story than the work itself. Novels can be edited. People usually cannot. I have met other authors that were awesome, incredible people, and although their works had not reached their full potential, I saw that with a little time, love, and care, it would reach greatness. Unfortunately, those same people have families and full-time jobs that take up their time, and so, their stories are thrown to the wayside.

It's humbling to realize that without all of you, I would not be where I am today. Therefore, should you donate, I plan on using the funds toward helping others in that manner. If you want to donate to me personally, then please, buy my books or leave an awesome review!

If you want updates on who the author is, and what the funds are used for, feel free to mention that in the form. 

Again, thank you, and I will use your generosity wisely. 





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