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In the distant future, humans are an endangered species, and witches are royalty. Worshipped and revered, children and adults alike hone their spells and craft for the approval of the royal family, while the remaining powerless humans seek deliverance from the hunt.

The world now holds its breath, for the Harvest has come—when the royal family steps out of the shadows to handpick potential heirs to the throne. These individuals are given the highest education on the planet, taught magic that can move nations, and ultimately, those that survive will become the new kings and queens of the free world.

Madeline Chase is one of the prospective successors, and she is eager for her coronation. She has been training for the Harvest all her life, and now she has the opportunity to prove her worth.

If only she wasn’t human.  

A gripping tale of wonder and suspense, Witchfall is a story of romance and magic, friendship and survival, defying destiny and finding the audacity to hope again. As lovely as it is dark, this is a novel that will inspire and haunt you until you turn the very last page. 

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