Obsidian Sky II: Fall of the Omegaslayers

Obsidian Sky II: Fall of the Omegaslayers



In the world of Obsidian, wishes come true.

And no victory, comes without sacrifice.

Aidan and Leah find their fairytale romance struck down, and desperately, they comb through the ashes, trying to give life to the embers. They seek refuge and safety in the city of misfits: Onyx Major, and for a time, it appears they may even be able to forge a home, with their friends, and maybe even between themselves.

But news of their victory over an Omega has spread across the lands, and challengers seek their lives before they find the strength to stockpile their wishes and oppose the world.

Through love, suffering, pain, and hope…Aidan, Leah, and the rest of the Omegaslayers will face an enemy they could not have hoped to prepare for, and uncover secrets that will follow them until their dying breaths.

True to form, the next chapter of the Obsidian Saga roars in with our heroes facing impossible odds, beautiful imagery, breathtaking action, uncompromising set pieces, and a story that is both romantic and haunting.

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