Legend of the Sages (Book #2 of the Guardians Saga)

Legend of the Sages (Book #2 of the Guardians Saga)



James Alters has traveled through time, and the world he has found himself on is far different than the life he knew. An old friend is now his girlfriend, his wife is now a soldier and an acquaintance, and his allies are gone.

The keepers of the world, the Guardians, are the only deterrent in all-out war occurring, and someone is assassinating them one by one. Queen Ashalynn of Allay, Catherine’s mother, appears to be the more likely culprit, deciding that the five Kingdoms should bow to her wisdom and power, and with her political influence, it seems impossible to take her down.

But James knows he must act. He needs to win over Catherine’s heart somehow, knowing that together they can solve anything, but in this strange and unfamiliar timeline, is that really the answer?

Continuing the story of James and Catherine from the Sage Saga, this story encompasses all the familiar tropes and themes, culminating in a whirlwind of epic battles, fleeting romance, and grand adventure.

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