The New Website...again, again, again

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Guys...I have a problem. I don't think there is a term for it, but I'll create one anyways. It's called: Webcitis. It's the inability to stick to one website long enough to garner attention, fans, and for it to be indexed on google's database. 

I think the main issue is that websites are one of those things that I was told I had to have, but...I didn't want one. I felt like I had to set aside time to write, not update a website so I can say silly things like...uh, hey guys, my book's out! and uh...did you know that the movie IT is based off of a stephen King book? And then you guys will be like...

Because it's basically common knowledge, and I should have know that already, and why am I making a post about that. Yeah, sounds terrible. That's why, I think this is the one. I know, I know, I sound like an addict, but I promise, I got my webicitis under control. I'm seeing a therapist named squarespace, and I have to take my medicine once a month. My therapist called it "subscription." Sounds fancy, but if it works, who am I to complain? 

You might be asking yourself...what's changed? Why is this the one? Or are we going to have to attend another proverbial wedding, watch another trainwreck unfold, and then console him over the break-up as he finds another website in Wix, or Wordpress or Blogger? 

The foot is down. This is it. And I will tell you why. It's because I'm actually having FUN with this one. It's not about updates and news, although I have to have it. I'm obligated. But it's about creating content and handing the reins over to you, the readers! What are some examples, you ask? I'm happy to tell you! 

  • Free Book of the Month - You just go right to the title page, and download the free ebook of the month. Bam! Done! Usually it won't be anything too serious, but it's still free! For the V.I.P members, you'll be able to download a novel of my choosing in the v.i.p section. That's two free works a month!
  • J Clair Channel - my precious. Okay, so you know how there are some series that never seem to have a sequel, like the Angel Story Saga? I am writing it, but the problem is, I get sidetracked because that particular series isn't what pays the bills. However, I don't want to give up on it either because I love the universe, as well as others. Well, with this channel (debuting next year), you will be able to simply come to the website, and read what I've written so far for FREE. Yes. You will essentially be able to read the entire thing for FREE before I finish it and publish. Not only that, but there will other works that are exclusive to the site for a set period of time. Just click and read. Eventually, you will be receiving a tv guide of sorts in the newsletter. 
  • V.I.P Works in Progress - you'll be able to see my more important works in progress in the V.I.P section, which will be password protected. Check the newsletter monthly to get the new password!
  • Announcement Bar - there will be a bar at the top of the website that lets you know what's new! 
  • Regular features: Blog, bookstore, and discounts galore! 

I plan on adding more content as the website kicks off, but my hope is that you will be able to ENJOY yourself while visiting the site, and not just scouring it for info on the next book and leaving. I want you to kick your feet up, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy yourself. 

That's why I think this will work. 

*looks to the left and then the right*

I hope.