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Due to a hiccup in releases on Amazon, there will be some short delays, including for Hail to the King (Sages 11). But this page will be updated soon! 




Upcoming Projects: (2016)

Hail to the Queen (Sages 11) - July 2016

The Last of the Guardians (Guardians #1) - August 2016

Obsidian Sky II and III (I know it's been so long!)

Angel Story IV

Book 4 of the Seven Sorcerers Saga

Veidri I




Author Note: The reason the list changes is because I'm constantly getting a ton of new ideas, and some sound so exciting and fun, they take priority over others. This doesn't mean my previous ones weren't great, it's just that like with Christmas gifts, some have a lot more value and bring more excitement than others (though they are all awesome and received in their own way.) 

The other reason is because some books drain me mentally and creatively more than others. For example, Upgrade is a sci-fi political thriller with some mature and heavy handed themes. It requires a lot more research, patience and dark storytelling so afterwards, all I want to do is play (which is why Obsidian Sky comes up after an Upgrade installment :) 

But feel free to ask me about any title listed above and below!

Other titles (that are in my head but have not made the 2016/2017 list) (Short stories can pop up anytime!)

All titles listed are novels unless otherwise noted.
Any other Obsidian Sky installments (it is a saga after all)
4th and beyond angel story installments (series goes through the whole bible, your grandchildren will be reading this series!)
Gospel Red (end of trilogy)
The Sound of my Voice III (end of trilogy)
The Deadly Part II and III (always imagined this as an anthology, separate but related stories)
Soul mate (nonfiction)
Creation Academy II and III
Romance Fallout (short story)
Champion installments (short stories)
My Best friend is a killer (short stories)
Gadget Girl
Happily Ever
Falling Down (short story)
Snowfall (short story)
The End (short story)
The last romance (short story)
Prayer Diary (short story)
Black snow (short story)
Checkmate (short story)
One pen (short story)
Big Bang (short story)
School's out forever (short story)
Mindstalkers (short story)
One date (short story)
Veil (short story)
D.O.C.S (short story)
Deja Vu
Sunset S
Vending Machine Blues (short story)
Nothing (short story)
Werth (short story) (No, that's not a typo!)
Kitchen Assassin (short story)
Bike Ride (short story)

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